Selling Antique Militaria

Selling Antique Militaria

Ebay the major online auction service has forbidden the listing of WW2 German items to avoid being seen to promote racial hatred . At German Militaria we never sell directly online. We buy for Museums and advanced ethical investors. By contacting us via email you can be certain that you are dealing with respectful people who believe the following .Articles which were plucked from the battlefields then bought home by returning service personnel should be preserved. Nazi symbols should not be seen outside of a balanced educational display .. Some understanding of how the unimaginable happened in a supposedly civilised country just a generation ago can be derived from a study of militaria .The complex insignia, uniforms and decorations which seduced a desperate people to enlist only to wage a war of brutality then exact genocide on those of a different belief .What is the correct thing to do ? Destroy the evidence? Or preserve it as a warning to future generations ? What ever your thoughts are we must present ourselves as non political history buffs who are willing to pay the correct market price for your War souvenirs.. We make every effort to distance ourselves from the White supremacists and other Neo Nazi organisations who pedal fake merchandise to corrupt young minds openly online . This is a serious history site only .


“At German Militaria Buyers our buying ranges from the acquisition of  complete Museum collections

right down to individual badges .

Nazi Badges for sale

We believe that we can offer you as good a deal or better more than you might obtain elsewhere.

 Simply complete the form provided .upload some images of what you have.

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We are  genuine store based specialists, we welcome your visiting us with of without a prior appointment .

The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism

If you would rather telephone our U.K. store our number is 01903-884602 . “

Best Regards

David Mattey .

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If you have inherited a collection of militaria and  require help with cataloguing  and the identification of items feel free to contact myself German Militaria Buyers offer free of charge valuation on up to 200 items .

Solingen-Remscheid E Bonsmann (Dreiakerwerk), Solingen-Ohligs Bontgen & Sabin (Bonsawerk), Solingen Gebruder Born (Besteckfabrik), Solingen Justus Brenger & Co (Justinuswerk), Solingen-Wald F von Brosy-Steinberb, Solingen-Ohligs Ernst Bruckmann, Solingen-Ohligs Rudolf Buechel, Solingen-Merscheid Karl Burgsmuller, Berlin Ernst Busch, Solingen CAM = Carl Aug Meis GmbH CE = Carl Eickhorn Ch AW =Arthur Wingen Chromolit = Arthur Wingen Constantwerk – see Friedrich Herder Abr Sohn Curdts Nachf – see E H Otto GmbH Curna – see E H Otto GmbH Gebruder Christians (Christianswerk), Solingen-Nord Ewald Cleff, Solingen Clemen & Jung, Solingen Alexander Coppel GmbH (Alcoso), Solingen Alexander Coppel GmbH (Alcoso), Solingen Curten & Holtgen, Solingen D Deltawerk – see Hugo Linder Diogenes – see Herder & Sohn Friedr Dick GmbH, Esslingen Ernst Dirlam (Hoffnungswerk), Solingen-Hoffnung Dirlam & Sohne, Solingen-Manganberg J E Dittert & Co, Neustadt Albert Dorschel, Solingen Richard Drees & Sohn KG, Solingen E