Valuation of militaria collections

Valuation of militaria collections

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Arundel Castle In England

“Antiques & Militaria Is Situated In The Middle Of Arundel High Street Beside Arundel Castle .

               The World Of Militaria  Has Been The Life Long Passion Of David Mattey .

David’s Store “Antiques & Miitaria”  Stands  In the shadow of The Historic Arundel Castle . As Buyers You will Appreciate That We Have An Unfair Advantage Over Rival Web Only Dealers.

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The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism

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 I Invite You To Send Images of Any Number Of Items  To Obtain  Offers/Free Valuations .

Solingen-Remscheid E Bonsmann (Dreiakerwerk),

Solingen-Ohligs Bontgen & Sabin (Bonsawerk),

Solingen Gebruder Born (Besteckfabrik),

Solingen Justus Brenger & Co (Justinuswerk),

Solingen-Wald F von Brosy-Steinberb,

Solingen-Ohligs Ernst Bruckmann,

Solingen-Ohligs Rudolf Buechel,

Solingen-Merscheid Karl Burgsmuller,

Berlin Ernst Busch, Solingen CAM

= Carl Aug Meis GmbH

CE = Carl Eickhorn

Ch AW =Arthur Wingen Chromolit

= Arthur Wingen Constantwerk

– see Friedrich Herder Abr Sohn Curdts Nachf

– see E H Otto GmbH Curna

– see E H Otto GmbH Gebruder Christians (Christianswerk), Soling